Sunday, February 2, 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nokia Asha 503 review: Zingy exterior, sluggish interior

The good: Nokia's Asha 503 has a sturdy, eye-catching design that's entirely pocketable and easy to use one-handed. It's Wi-Fi capable, packs in a camera flash, and won't break the bank.
The bad: Poor screen quality on the Asha 503 makes reading the display unpleasant. The camera's fixed-focused lens takes mediocre photos, and speakerphone volume is too low to be useful. Navigation is slow and jerky.
The bottom line: Its surprising design is the best thing about the Nokia Asha 503, but if you're looking for a traditional smartphone experience, its underperformance will only disappoint..

NOOOO!! WHY? Beer-delivering drone grounded by FAA

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