Friday, January 31, 2014

Back up your Schemer data and use these alternatives

Google will be shutting down Schemer on February 7, 2014. After this date, all accounts and their associated data will be deleted. That means it's time to back up your schemes before they're wiped from existence.
You may have received an e-mail with a link to export your data. If you didn't, you can do the export at this link. You'll be directed to log-in to the Schemer Web site and request a copy of your schemes, which will be delivered by e-mail. Google says that the backup copy may take 24 hours to arrive.
The e-mail will have a list of the schemes you authored, the ones you wanted to do, and the ones you completed already. So now what? Well, you can replace Schemer with a mix of Foursquare, a little bit of Google Maps, and maybe a to-do list app (if you really need it).

(Credit: Screenshot by md alamin howlader/AFFY)
Foursquare offers the ability to save places you want to visit on a to-do list. You can either watch the places friends check-in to, or you can search for them individually. Saving a place is as simple as pressing one button labeled "Save." Personalized lists can be created through the menu if you want to keep things like food and shopping separate. If you're not sure what you want to do today or tonight, a tap of the Search button and a quick category selection can show what's available near you. This app does so much more, so check out the full Foursquare review (Android and iOS) to learn about all of the features.
(Credit: Screenshot by md al amin howlader/AFFY)
If Foursquare isn't your thing, Google Maps also has an Explore feature that helps you find food, hotels, shopping, or even just a movie. When opening Google Maps, tap on the text box where you would input a location and the Explore menu will appear below it. When you pick a category, the top selections will show up. Just tap the name of a place and the map card will appear. From here you can start navigation or press on the star to save the place for later.
The to-do list part is just for the miscellaneous activities you may have added to Schemer. For instance, maybe you wanted to read a book, or watch a certain movie -- these don't really fit anywhere in the Foursquare or Google Maps apps. Instead, check out Any.DO or Google Keep to make a list of items like these.
What will you be using in place of Schemer? Share your favorite location and idea apps in the comments below.

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