Thursday, January 2, 2014

Software: Google Earth Pro 7.0.3

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Google Earth Pro can be used in a wide range of industries including:

Commercial Real Estate – Enables investors to inspect any site without getting on an airplane. Using Google's search function, it allows users to compare locations and existing sites,

Engineering – Google Earth Pro allows overlaying of data so it enables engineers and construction professionals to create proximity analysis for critical projects. The StreetView and road data allows users to have a better understanding of the locale.

Media – Create fly-throughs and perspectives which can be used for location contexts and fact checking.

Energy and Utilities – Create visualization of electricity transmission plans and water reservoirs.
State and Local – Create urban plans and help enhance plans for infrastructure maintenance.
Defense and Intelligence – Allows users to create situational analysis and can assist in gathering intelligence data.
Residential Real Estate – Allows realtors to inspect locations which will assist their buyers in choosing the perfect property.
Insurance – Enables insurance companies to determine risk patterns in a certain geographic area.
Federal – Used for environmental planning and resource management.
Architecture – Create overlays for site plans and inspect potential site locations
Homeland Security – Allows the government to create better emergency plans. It also shows possible entry/exit points for emergency response.
NGO and Non-profits – Monitor project results and drive public policy change through the use of compelling videos and presentations.

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